Now Offering Customer Bodywork on Boats, Motorcycles, and Tractor Trailers

We have expanded operations at Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body O’Fallon and this expansion might yield significance for you and your recreational vehicle: we provide the same auto body service quality as before, but now offer custom bodywork for boats, motorcycles, and tractor-trailers. We know that by applying our RV bodywork service features to other vehicles that we can deliver the same quality results when performing custom bodywork for boats, motorcycles, or tractor-trailers.

Motorcycle Body Work

Custom Bodywork

We have skilled experts ready to provide boats, motorcycles, and tractor-trailers with custom bodywork. We begin with a design process by which we collaborate with the customer regarding the look that they seek. Our bodywork technician will then fabricate what’s needed to create your custom look. Custom paint is an excellent partner to a custom body.

Custom Paint

Our customers choose customized paint service when they are bored with the basic look of their boat, motorcycle, or travel trailer. We can easily take your vehicle’s paint job to the next level of personalization with customized paint service. We can leave the design up to you or assist with the custom design.

Why Customize My Motorcycle?

Customized bodywork for a motorcycle is about making the motorcycle look better for you. This often involves personalized customizations that help the motorcycle feel more like you based on preferences or personality traits. Motorcycle customization is popular among those wanting their motorcycle to be an extension of themselves.

Why Customize My Boat?

Boat models leave production looking the same. When you visit the lake, do you want every boat model like yours looking exactly like your boat? We think not at Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body because we know that you selected your boat for something special and it needs to look special doing it! We can assist with your boat’s custom bodywork to set it apart from the rest. Customizing a boat is about making its appearance to be an extension of the owner and to look personalized compared to the other boats out on the lake.

Custom Tractor Trailer Paint

We know that independent drivers often want to make their rig stand out from the crowd. For you, we now offer the custom paint service that you’ve been considering for your home away from home. But maybe you own a small fleet trucking company and want to customize the fleet with matching paint? We have you covered with customized painting service at Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body O’Fallon.

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