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For many people, there’s no better way to vacation than with an RV or camper vehicle, especially if they don’t like to stick to a schedule and make reservations at a hotel. With the right RV and camper parts, your excursion can be fun, comfortable and stress-free.

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Commonly Ordered Parts for RVs and Campers

Before starting out on your trip, you should think about getting these parts:

  • Trailer wheel chocks: These are a great investment. Trailer wheel chocks are small heavy duty-parts that help the trailer stabilize and stay in place. It’s ideal for rocky mountainsides, sandy beaches and hilly slopes. You don’t want your trailer or camper to accidentally roll forward or backward when parked.
  • RV Water Filters and Cartridges: Having clean filtered water makes your RV a perfect place for living. Reliable water filters give you quality bottled water that is free from sediment and odor. Drink great-tasting water right from the tap. This way you can take good care of your health while you’re on a road trip.
  • Water Pump: Constant access to a supply of clean, freshwater is needed when you’re taking to the road for a trip. This way, you can shower, cook or do laundry. A good quality water pump is a must-have for any RV or camper trip.
  • Landing Gear: Both RV trailers and campers are large and heavy. It’s very important that you have the proper landing gear. You can balance the vehicle with landing gear and this way, it won’t be unleveled.
  • Roof Repair Items: If there’s a hole in your roof, it can put a damper on your trip. Make sure to have roof repair items to stop water from leaking into your RV. Self-leveling sealant like Dicor or repair tape like Eternbond is always good to have on hand. Roof repair items can give you a quick remedy for a hole in the roof.
  • Bulbs and Fuses: Keep your RV lit with extra bulbs and fuses on hand. A blown fuse can leave you in the dark or from using appliances. You don’t want to load your RVs fridge with groceries just to have the food go bad.

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