Dutchmen RV Tire Rotation Service in O’Fallon, MO

At Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body, our expert technicians can help you with all your Dutchman RV needs. RV owners in O’Fallon and St. Louis know they can rely on us to rotate their tires. We put together this quick information on why you need to get your RV’s tires rotated.

Tire Rotation for Dutchmen RVs

Many people have the misconception that RVs do not need to have their tires rotated. Just like your car or truck, your RV needs to get its tires rotated as well. Rotating your tires is the best way to keep your tires in great shape. Tire rotation for RVs is the same as for other vehicles. Our technicians will swap the positions of your tires to ensure that they are wearing at an even rate. This is a money-saving part of regular vehicle maintenance and will keep your RV on the road longer and safer.

When to Get Your Tires Rotated

RVs, like other vehicles, need to come in to have their tires rotated regularly. The best way to tell if your RV needs to have its tires rotated is to check your treads. Uneven tread wear is the most common sign of needing to get your RV tires rotated. If you notice your tires wearing down faster than usual, come into our service department to get your tires rotated. While uneven tread wear might seem like no big deal, there are a few important reasons to get your tires rotated on a regular basis.

Why You Need to Rotate Your Tires

Skipping out on getting your tires rotated can lead to unnecessary costs in repairs. Tires wear down unevenly as you drive your vehicle or RV. If you skip out on rotating your tires you can wind up spending more money on replacement tires than you need to. You also run the risk of having your tires blowout on the road. Uneven tires are more likely to go flat from punctures. If this happens while you’re driving or towing your RV, you run the risk of getting into a collision. Getting your RV tires rotated regularly keeps your wallet happy and keeps your family safe on the road.

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RV owners in the O’Fallon and St. Louis area should keep a close eye on their RV’s tires and come into our dealership if they have any questions. Give us a call today to schedule your RV tire rotation!