The Best RV / Camper Refrigerator is New or Maintained Like New

Customers ask us all the time: what is the best RV / Camper refrigerator? It’s a tough question, but our certified RV / Camper master technician responds: “The best RV / Camper refrigerator is the one that keeps things cold like the day it was purchased.” The best RV / Camper refrigerator is one that is brand new or has been maintained to perform like it is brand new. If you want your RV / Camper Refrigerator to keep your food items nice and cold, the best way to get maximum performance and reliability is with an annual RV / Camper Refrigerator Service, Repair & Replacement Service. However, if your refrigerator has failed or you know it needs repair, then scheduling repair service is the best way to restore your fridge to peak performance.

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Certified Master RV / Camper Technician Service is Best for your Refrigerator

RV / Camper Refrigerators are complex with several vital components. Similar to a traditional refrigerator in your home, it has a few characteristics making them different when it comes to maintenance, repair, and replacement. RV / Camper refrigerators rely on absorption rather than compression, which means they do not have moving parts to generate cold. The fridge in your RV / Camper has an absorber, separator, condenser, evaporator, chemical assistants like ammonia and hydrogen, and a heat source. Heat causes diluted chemicals to evaporate, and their condensation is used to keep the refrigerator cold. As you can probably tell, you shouldn’t try to service an RV / Camper Refrigerator unless you are a certified RV / Camper master technician.

Don’t Automatically Forgo a Repair Opportunity

Many less-than-reputable RV / Camper service centers will recommend RV / Camper refrigerator replacement every time something goes wrong. The consequence is that many innocent RV / Camper enthusiasts have been misled to purchase a new refrigerator unit when a minor repair was a very reasonable alternative or maybe the best option. We believe at Travers St. Louis RV / Camper Service & Body in presenting customers with all potential options. No matter what we think is the best service strategy, you’ll always make the final decision on what level of service your RV / Camper gets. Sometimes the wear & tear is extensive, and replacement is indeed the best option; however, we regularly see refrigerators that only need a slight repair to restore performance. Gain peace of mind with service at Travers St. Louis Service & Body because we will always give you all of your service options with a recommendation, but it is you that will make the final decision.