Custom Bodywork Motorcycles St. Louis

Travers St. Louis RV Service and Body offers motorcycle bodywork and painting for all types of motorcycles. We can repair your motorcycle too. We provide oil changes, tires, brake repairs, engine work, filters, drive chain, batteries, coolant levels, spark plugs, cables, and cleanings. Our technicians can perform custom bodywork and fix bikes damaged in accidents. We provide custom paint jobs that will amaze your family and friends. Whether you ride a motorcycle as a hobby or for regular transportation, our technicians are trained to repair, perform bodywork, and professionally paint all types of motorcycles. We service the cities of St. Louis and O’ Fallon.

St. Louis Motorcycle Bodywork

Custom Bodywork for Motorcycles in St. Louis and O’Fallon

We can help build a look that reflects your personality and lifestyle no matter what manufacture or make it is. Our technicians have the skills to build the custom parts needed to make the motorcycle one of a kind. We have wheels, frames, fenders, can perform bodywork, and have accessories that will impress you. We can provide custom wheels and tires to fit the motorcycle. We can custom design the type of wheels that you need. Our frame design or parts construction depends on whether you want it to show the frame or have it hidden. A heavier bike might use a heavier frame, and others have a sleek sporter lighter frame.

Choosing the Right Fender

We will help you choose the right fenders and calibrate them to go with the look of the bike. Fenders are to protect the driver from debris getting tossed up from the ground and to protect the tires from wear. Some bikes use fenders as a major design element. Bodywork today involves computerized systems, electronics, ABS pumps, and designing parts that work. We have technicians with the skills to do the job effectively. Our shop carries accessories from handlebars to saddlebags, so give us a call for motorcycle customization.


Custom Motorcycle Paint Jobs and Finishes in St. Louis and O’Fallon

We specialize in custom paint jobs for motorcycles and can paint flames, use special colors, and provide finished airbrush designs that will impress your family and friends. Our technicians can turn a boring paint job into a work of art or change a dull paint job into something flashy, depending on what you’re looking for. Our technicians are specially trained to paint for motorcycles. We service O’ Fallon and St. Louis and have a comfortable waiting area, complimentary coffee, vending machines, and children’s waiting area.

Contact Us for Motorcycle Bodywork and Professional Paint Jobs

Contact Travers St. Louis RV Service and Body for motorcycle repair, custom bodywork, and professional paint jobs by calling the body shop at 636-532-4526 or filling out our online form. We want to customize your motorcycle to suit your needs.

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