Tractor Trailer Painting Services near St. Louis, MO

With our location placed right off of Highway 70 not far farm St. Louis, MO, we can definitely take care of your tractor-trailer painting needs. Our team regularly handles large vehicle painting and detailing needs, and their daily experience and skill put our technicians miles ahead of other services. Our primary focus is and remains to get you back on the road quickly, efficiently, and safely.

St. Louis Tractor Trailer Paint Service

Size is Not an Issue for Our Tractor Trailer Painting Services near St. Louis

Because we regularly deal with big rigs, recreational vehicles, and trailers, we can take all types of tractor-trailers, including size and capacity. Our paint booths are extra long for similar-sized equipment and vehicles, providing a professional finish every time versus outdoor painting. We take care of all the production, supplies and materials, masking protection, and cleanup. You bring your trailer to us ready to go, and we deliver it back, ready to hitch up and roll out, just with a brand new paint job everyone will be jealous of. Specifically, our painting services include a variety of benefits and features, including the following:

  • Custom paint repairs
  • Diamond Shield® and 3M® front-end mask
  • Finish buffing work and completion
  • OEM paint matching

Technology Assistance Makes a Difference

Our technicians themselves are probably some of the best in the industry when it comes to automotive painting. We deal with all types of trailers, fifth wheels, tractor-trailers, and haulers. It doesn’t matter whether your equipment was made by an obscure manufacturer or other challenges. With our computerized paint facility library, we have the technology to produce an accurate color match and a factory finish that can compete with the best of factory paint finishes. And because we focus on a high durability approach, the finish produced lasts for years on the road without issue.

Contact Us to Set Up an Appointment

Bring your tractor-trailer by so that we can do a full evaluation and give you a quote on exactly what will be involved. We can show you our paint facility, how the process works, and what to expect. You can ask questions from our technicians to address any specific needs or protections that need to be addressed from your perspective. Remember, Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body in O’Fallon is your top choice for tractor-trailer painting and finish. We handle work from all St. Louis and the greater area, and our quality delivery is a top reason why we get so much return business from clients again and again. Give us a call and we’ll reserve an appointment for you in our system!

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