Custom Bodywork Boats in St. Peters

At Travers St Louis RV Service & Body, we know that vehicles are not just confined to the land. We understand that you might have a boat that needs custom bodywork as well. That is why we are here to serve the St. Peters, MO area for all of their needs when it comes to custom bodywork for boats. Just like our automobile services, no boat is too big or small for us. Don’t go to the overpriced marina. Trust your friendly neighborhood experts for your boat repair needs.

St. Peters Boat Body Work

O’Fallon Boats and Watercraft We Service

At Travers St Louis RV Service & Body, we service a wide variety of boats and watercraft. Our services include boat are not limited to:

  • Bass Boats
  • Speed Boats
  • Cabin Cruisers
  • Pontoon Boats
  • Inboard or Outboard Boats
  • Wave Runners
  • Jet Skis
  • And more!

If it hangs out on the water, we can help you!

Handling Boat and Marine Body Repairs near St. Peters, MO

Our professionals are able to handle a wide variety of boat bodywork needs. Some of the common problems that we fix include:

  • Boats with nicks in the outer paint that need to be painted, coated, and refinished
  • Boats that have a handful of chips in the fiberglass that need to be addressed
  • Boats that have been involved in a major accident and need to have a complete, full-body restoration
  • Boats that have suffered major damage as a result of a natural disaster stemming from the odd St. Peters weather

Our professionals and technicians are skilled in fiberglass repair and can help you get your boat looking brand new once again. Of course, we also feature state of the art paint professionals that can make it look like the damage never even happened. We guarantee a professional finish.

Protect the Value of Your Boat in O’Fallon

We know that you care about your boat, and you want to protect its value as well. Even if your boat still runs, you need to make sure that you protect its resale value. If you want to trade in your boat down the line, then you need to get as much money as possible for it. That is where we can help. 


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