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Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body is proud to be your source for convenient RV products designed to make life with an RV even easier and more enjoyable! Visit us for parts like the convenient blow out plug, available here!

RV Blow Out Plug

The Blow Out Plug Offers Added Convenience

Clearing out the water lines in your RV can be an inconvenience, and it’s even worse when you have to rope somebody else in to help. This is where the blow out plug comes in. It offers a more convenient experience by allowing you to perform this service on your own, without all the hassle!

What Does a Blow Out Plug Do?

This plug makes it easy for you to flush out the water lines in your RV all on your own, without needing assistance from someone else. All you have to do is attach the blow out plug to the city water inlet then open all the drains and faucets in your RV. Attach and activate the air pump, and wait until all the lines are clear. This product will completely clear your water lines in a way that’s convenient and fast, and it’s available now at Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body.

Why Choose Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body for a Blow Out Plug?

At Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body, we’re experts in all your RV needs. We carry a wide selection of RV parts that are designed to make every drive more convenient and enjoyable, and we offer them for incredibly low prices! What’s more, we have technicians who can perform service on your RV if you need it.

How To Winterize Your RV near St. Louis, MO

Draining your water lines with a blow out plug is one important step in winterizing your RV, but it’s not the only thing you’ll need to do. All the places in your RV where fluids are kept should be drained and cleaned. This includes not just the water lines, but also the gray and black water tanks, freshwater tank, and water heater. You should bypass the water heater and all filters, disconnect the inlet side of the water pump, and add antifreeze to the RV. After that, it’s best to reseal or recaulk the top of your RV, add a fuel stabilizer, and then run and recheck the generator. This is lots of work and needs to be done correctly to avoid needing expensive repairs, so we’ll be glad to winterize your RV for you.

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