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Travers St. Louis RV / Camper Service & Body has hundreds of RV / Camper parts in stock at all times whether you choose to make a repair yourself or need our assistance. If you have any questions about installing or replacing a part, we will gladly help. There may be times, however, when you feel more comfortable with a professional technician replacing a part for you. If that time comes, we have a friendly and knowledgeable team who can handle that for you.

Feel free to call us at (636) 542-4567 to ask questions, order a part, or schedule service. For your convenience, you may also fill out our Parts Request Form.

RV Parts Department

Fully Stocked RV & Camper Parts in O’Fallon

We have a large selection of RV and camper parts at our O’Fallon location. We are an authorized dealer of OEM parts from many leading manufacturers. We carry a large selection of components for RVs and campers from various manufacturers. Our parts selection runs from components for new RVs and campers to parts for classic RVs and campers. We even offer installation of the parts we carry. Read on to learn more about the selection of OEM RV and camper parts that we carry at our location in the St. Louis suburb of O’Fallon.

Our Selection of OEM RV Parts & OEM Camper Parts

We proudly carry a wide selection of OEM RV parts and OEM camper parts. The parts we carry include engine oil, tires, air filters, lights, wiper blades, and even batteries. We have one of the largest selections of OEM RV and camper parts in the St. Louis area. It is also important to note that we carry many OEM components, while our competitors often carry primarily aftermarket parts. This means that our parts selection is not only larger, but it is also composed of higher quality products. 

OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

Many people do not understand the differences between OEM parts and aftermarket parts, though it is important to make this distinction. OEM parts are made by the same manufacturer who made your RV or camper and are identical to the original components. Aftermarket parts are made by third parties that specialize in making these components. OEM parts are made of the same high-quality materials that your vehicle’s original components are made from, while aftermarket parts are often made from cheaper materials. OEM parts are manufactured under strict quality control standards, while aftermarket components are often manufactured under more lax standards. All of this means that aftermarket parts often don’t fit properly, don’t work as well, and aren’t as durable as the OEM parts that we carry.

Certified RV & Camper Service In O’Fallon

Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body is here when you need RV and camper parts and service. We proudly carry a large inventory of OEM camper and RV parts. These parts are better-made than aftermarket parts. Our highly trained technicians can install these parts and take care of whatever service needs you may have. If you need to get parts and service for your RV or camper, call us today to make an appointment. We can help you find a convenient time and also answer any preliminary questions you may have.

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