RV Alignment Service near Hazelwood, MO 

Is your RV pulling toward the side or you know that your RV is due for a wheel alignment? We have a quality wheel alignment service sure to keep your RV tracking down the road properly. Wheel alignment services at Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body are completed by expert RV technicians in a state-of-the-art facility. The 20-minute drive from Hazelwood, MO to our service department in O’Fallon is a profitable investment toward knowing that your RV gets the best alignment according to precise specifications.  

RV Alignment Service Near Hazelwood, MO

RV Wheel Alignment Maintenance 

Wheel alignment maintenance is necessary when suspensions and tires are involved. This is because where the wheels meet the suspension guides how the wheels are pointed and how the tires grip the road. The condition of an RV’s wheel alignment ultimately influences how you track down the road, tire wear, and safety. Wheel alignment service is about measuring and adjusting wheel angles to ensure that the wheels are pointed properly and the tires meet the road with maximum traction. The ideal wheel alignment service for RVs near Hazelwood, MO is available at our service department in O’Fallon, MO. 

Wheel Alignment Service at Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body 

Service begins when you bring your RV from Hazelwood, MO to our state-of-the-art facility in O’Fallon, MO where you will find our expert RV technicians. We use high-tech wheel alignment equipment to measure and adjust the suspension to the manufacturer’s service protocol. This ensures a high-quality wheel alignment service for your RV according to precise specifications. 

What Happens Without Wheel Alignment Service 

Neglecting an RV’s wheel alignment invites trouble and is never a good idea. We welcome you to consider the risks of wheel alignment neglect if you consider putting off wheel alignment maintenance as recommended: 

  • Persistent veering toward the side on straight roads 
  • Handling feels heavy, loose, or clumsy 
  • Steering wheel doesn’t recenter itself after cornering 
  • Rapid or uneven tire wear 
  • Tires squealing 
  • Vibrations/shaking in the cabin/steering wheel 
  • Tires lose pressure 

Front-End Alignment Maintenance & Safety  

The front wheels steer your RV and a front-end misalignment causes unpleasant and unsafe driving. Be sure to get a two-wheel alignment service if you notice steering troubles, such as veering toward the side, or vibrations in the steering wheel that worsen with higher speeds.   

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