Roof Cleaning

When it comes to trailer or RV / Camper roof service, it should always begin with a thorough wash and cleaning that removes all of the accumulated dirt, debris, and grime. The staging point of conditioning and sealing the roof must start with a thorough cleaning that gets all of the unwanted filth out of the way. It is simply not feasible to complete conditioning nor spot sealing without a clean starting point. Roof cleaning is a meticulous process at Travers St. Louis RV / Camper Service & Body that relies on an expert technician’s training (especially when it comes to rubber roofs), specialized roof cleaning tools, elbow grease, powerful cleaning agents, and tremendous attention to detail to get the job done right. Cleaning the roof thoroughly is also an excellent way to protect it from damage as well as to protect the roof seals that keep outside conditions outside the cabin.

Roof Conditioning

Once the roof has been adequately prepped with a thorough cleaning, the expert technician can then move on to the conditioning procedure. A conditioning agent is applied to the roof that helps the fiberglass or aluminum resist dirt accumulation while helping water flow away from the paint and seals. It is also important to consider any existing warranties that might cover the roof and its materials; more often than not, a warranty covering the roof and its integrity will only remain active if the roof is regularly cleaned and conditioned. Roof Clean, Condition & Spot Seal Service is an excellent way of not only protecting your RV / Camper but also protecting the warranty covering your RV / Camper as an investment.

Spot Sealing

The weakness of every RV / Camper roof is on the seals where two different components or materials come together. This means the seals around roof appliances such as the air conditioner unit are the areas most prone to cracks and integrity threats that allow the outside to get inside. Even the smallest of cracks is like an invitation for gallons of water to penetrate the cabin causing water damage. Spot sealing will examine every inch of roof seal to improve upon cracks and openings keeping every drop of water outside the RV / Camper where it belongs.


Schedule a Roof Clean Condition & Spot Seal at Travers St. Louis RV / Camper Service & Body today, and we’ll have one of our expert RV / Camper technicians restore your roof to peak performance and factory specifications.