RV / Camper De-Winterization in St. Louis

With summer weather almost here, we have flip flops and colorful flowery t-shirts on our mind at Travers St. Louis RV / Camper Service and Body Shop. But wait, first things first – we need to free your RV / Camper from winter storage and get it prepared for yet another warm recreational season. No matter if you merely park your RV / Camper for the winter, if you painstakingly followed expert recommendations and winterized your RV / Camper according to a thorough checklist, or if you had professional winterization service at Travers St. Louis at the close of last season. Every RV / Camper benefits from professional de-winterization service that thoroughly cleans and prepares it for reliable performance throughout the summer.

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RV Dewinterization Special

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It is important to remember that de-Winterization is much more than reversing what was performed in terms of winterization. Although it is true de-winterization takes careful steps to reverse actions such as removing antifreeze from water lines, it adds significant value by completing a thorough inspection of every primary system to ensure that they are in good working order. Any systems or components with substantial wear and tear are then repaired as necessary to restore reliability, comfort, and overall performance.

De-Winterization Service Includes:

  • Battery – Batteries lose capacity over time with the most significant threat being cold weather. We will check batteries first, recharging or replacing them as needed to restore electrical system performance
  • Tires – Tires are crucial but are also prone to wear and tear. De-Winterization Service will always emphasize a tire inspection, pressure adjustment, and tire replacement as necessary to prevent a blowout while maximizing passenger safety
  • Interior – We inspect everything inside the cabin including the windows and paneling for cracks and damages. All seals will be examined with sealant added to prevent drying or cracks. Any unwanted guests such as rodents or insects will be found with corrective action necessary to protect your home away from home
  • Antifreeze Removal – adding antifreeze to water lines is standard for winterization service. De-winterization reverses these steps by flushing antifreeze from the water tank and lines using a proven protocol
  • Sanitize – after the water lines are flushed, the water tank and lines are sanitized using a cleaning agent to restore peak cleanliness


After de-winterization service, you may be interested in Summer Preparation.