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Because your RV is a large investment, Travers St. Louis RV understands that your Class A diesel pusher engine benefits from regular oil change service. Oil breaks down over time and cannot perform like new, threatening your engine’s vital parts. When diesel engine oil begins to break down in your RV, lubrication is compromised, and engine parts can begin overheating. Bad oil will eventually cause your diesel engine to seize up, leaving you stranded with extremely high repair costs. Since your RV ’s diesel engine carries a heavy load while you enjoy many comforts of home, it is critical to have regular diesel pusher engine oil change service at recommended intervals. Be sure to check out our current service specials.

Class A diesel pushers are ideal for tailgating and dry camping; however, to enjoy the vast benefits that your RV offers, routine Class A Diesel Pusher Oil Change Service is a maintenance essential. Although diesel engines generally outperform gasoline engines when it comes to how often oil needs to be changed, harsh operating conditions such as scorching ambient temperatures or heavy hauling add an incentive to have diesel pusher oil change service more frequently. One of the best ways to prolong your diesel RV engine’s life is to make sure that the engine always has good clean oil that provides maximum lubrication.

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Every Class A diesel pusher oil change service includes a new oil filter, total oil replacement, new fuel filter inspection and replacement as needed, and chassis lube. We intend for every diesel pusher oil change service to be thorough and comprehensive because we want to extend the most value possible to our customers. That is why every Class A diesel pusher oil change service includes a new oil filter, chassis lube, fuel filter, and inspection of all major engine components. Call Travers St. Louis RV & Body to have one of our certified technicians remove your old oil and filter and replace it with brand new to restore your Class A RV ’s diesel engine to peak performance.