Travers St. Louis RV / Camper – Class B Gas Oil Change Service

All Class B RV / Camper s with gasoline combustion engines require oil. The combustion engine parts on your Class B RV / Camper are under high pressures, extreme temperatures, and are constantly moving. The life of your RV / Camper ’s gas engine is affected by its engine oil performance. This is because your Class B RV / Camper ’s engine oil is responsible for providing the lubrication that allows the engine parts to continue moving. With bad oil, the gasoline engine could seize up and cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Old oil is contaminated and begins losing viscosity over time, which means decreased lubrication and protection for your Class B RV / Camper ’s engine and its parts. Be sure to check out our current RV / Camper service specials.

Class B Motorhomes

Class B Motorhome Oil Change


oil, oil filter, lube chassis and fuel filter

Gasoline Engine Oil Change Benefits

  • Optimum lubrication
  • Engine runs cooler
  • Increases Gasoline Engine Life
  • Decrease repair costs


Class B Gasoline RV / Camper s and Engine Oil

Our customers routinely share with us that they decided to invest in a Class B RV / Camper for short vacations and weekend trips. Since short vacations and weekend trips often come with two or more passengers, making sure that your Class B RV / Camper is performing at its best is a major point of emphasis. Since engine oil is arguably the most important RV / Camper fluid, we recommend having regular engine oil inspection with oil change service as needed.

Schedule Class B Gasoline Engine Oil Change Service

One of the best ways to decrease repair costs and maximize engine performance is to have regular Class B gasoline oil change for your RV / Camper . We provide an exhaustive gas oil change service that adds significant value and peace of mine to every customer. Every Class B oil change service includes a new oil filter, oil change, and chassis lube. Schedule an appointment at the Travers St. Louis Service & Body service center to have the old oil removed from your Class B RV / Camper and replaced with brand new oil to ensure optimum lubrication for your engine.