Travers St. Louis RV / Camper Brake Pad Replacement & Inspection

Recreational Vehicles are engineered with a brake system that slows them down when you need. Whether you want to slow your RV / Camper down on the interstate or stop it immediately to avoid a collision, the brake pads are the link between your brake caliper and brake rotor that transfers stopping force to stop your RV / Camper . The limitation of RV / Camper Brake Pads is that they are made from a composite material that wears down incrementally with every slowdown. Brake Pads do a tough job and are quite durable, but they will eventually wear down to the point that you can have metal on metal grinding when you press the brake pedal. If the brake pads get that bad, you will start to experience warning signs of poor stopping power & safety.

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Recreational Vehicle Brake Pad Replacement

Signs of a Brake Pad Problem

  • You can hear an unusual grinding or squealing sound when pressing the brake pedal
  • The vehicle has a longer stopping distance than before
  • Feel a pulsation in the brake pedal
  • Must press the brake pedal farther down to stop the vehicle
  • Brake pedal feels harder than normal

Brake Pad Replacement

Your Recreational Vehicle has a braking system that allows it to slow down or stop whenever you want. The Brake Pads were engineered for performance in your specific RV / Camper . That is why we only install genuine manufacturer-approved brake pads with every RV / Camper Brake Pad Replacement Service. Gain peace of mind with our Brake Pad Replacement Service because we will only install a set of brake pads with proven durability, reliability, fit, and performance in your RV / Camper .

The Inspection

At Travers St. Louis RV / Camper Service & Body, we recommend an inspection of your brake system at least annually and it might be beneficial to have it inspected sooner if you do much heavy towing and/or driving in stop-and-go traffic. We always complete an inspection of the entire braking system when doing Brake Pad Replacement Service. The inspection includes an assessment of your brake lines, calipers, rotors, drums, and brake fluid. Any problem areas or worn out parts will be repaired or replaced as needed to restore your brake system to factory specifications while maximizing your stopping power and safety.