What to Expect with Tire Rotation Services

Anyone who drives a car understands tires have to be rotated, but not everybody understands exactly why this procedure is part of routine maintenance. The short answer is, it makes your tires last longer. The longer answer to such a question is to describe how it makes different parts of your tire wear evenly, so you use the entire width of the tire evenly rather than wearing out one specific area.


In a perfect world, you might not need to rotate tires, but in reality, you turn either left or right more often, there are inclines and slants on the roads you drive, or you might drive on an underinflated tire. Even if you balance all of those factors, the weight of the frame, body, and engine is designed to provide a balanced ride, but the engineer who developed the plan expected you to rotate the tires to account for nuances in the weight distribution.

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Why Tires Need To Be Rotated from our Eureka RV / Camper Service Center

The bottom line is that tires wear differently according to which position they are in. If a front tire tread is taking abuse on the outer side while the rear tire is becoming worn on the inner side, switching them allows the individual tires to use their entire tread rather than wearing out prematurely.
Such a situation is likely an alignment issue, but such things happen and there is no need to wear out your tires in addition to needing other routine maintenance. Another common issue that causes uneven tread wear is over or under-inflation. Again, these things happen and your car was designed for such a situation, but rotating the tires helps compensate for such an issue.

What Can Happen if Tires Aren’t Rotated

It goes without saying that if you never change your tires you’ll eventually have a flat, possibly in a horrible place which isn’t safe to replace with the spare tire. At best, you have to determine the best way to remove the flat and install the spare. If you don’t rotate your tires, the same thing is going to happen, but happen sooner. When the tire remains in one place, it’s going to receive regular wear and tear in a specific area. By rotating the tires, you spread out the wear across the entire tread surface, using the tire to its capacity and intended life.

Finding a Reputable RV / Camper Maintenance Center

Regular tire rotation should be a part of the routine car, trailer, and RV / Camper maintenance such as what Travers St. Louis RV / Camper Service and Body offer in O’Fallon, MI outside of St. Louis. You’ll find our representatives and technicians to be professional and courteous, as well as properly trained to conduct the repairs or maintenance your vehicle needs.

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