RV / Camper Wheel Balance Service in O’Fallon, MO

At Travers St. Louis RV / Camper Service & Body, we operate a world-class RV / Camper Service & Body center always ready to balance your recreational vehicle’s tires. Wheel Balance Service is essential tire maintenance because it promotes even weight across the wheel-tire assembly. The simple way to say it is– balanced wheels are better wheels. Balancing your wheels is crucial for assisting in proper tire wear, which then protects the smooth driving that you enjoy.

Conversely, putting off wheel balancing service will eventually lead to rapid or uneven tread wear, poor driving experience, and increased tire replacement costs. If your RV / Camper ’s wheels could use a balance service, we invite you to our service center for world-class results. We are conveniently located in O’Fallon near St. Louis, MO.

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When should I have my RV / Camper ’s Wheels Balanced?

We make a few fundamental recommendations when it comes to balancing your wheels. 


First, it is essential to have wheels balanced after mounting a new tire; it’s the only realistic way of knowing that newly mounted tires are balanced when installed. 


Second, we also recommend scheduling an annual wheel balancing service before or after the recreational season to ensure peak tire performance, safety, driving comfort, and longevity.


Third, we also recommend getting an RV / Camper wheel balance service in response to any of the common warning signs of tire imbalance. 

By following these three simple recommendations, anyone can ensure that their recreational vehicle will realize all of the benefits of the RV / Camper Wheel Balance Service. Here are the three recommendations: 

Always balance new tires when mounted to the rim during installation service 

Proactively schedule an annual RV / Camper Wheel Balance before or after recreational season 

If you experience rapid tread wear or vibration

Balancing Your RV / Camper ’s Wheels

RV / Camper wheel balance service features a highly-skilled expert technician and a specialized wheel balancer. The wheel balancer assesses the wheel-tire assemblies and tells the technician where to place a small weight on the rim to create an even weight distribution. Rest assured that our expert technician has vast training and direct experience performing RV / Camper Wheel Balance Service on recreational vehicles exactly like yours.

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