Dutchmen RV Service near St. Peters, MO

Travers St. Louis RV  offers Dutchmen RV services to keep your RV or camper running smoothly. When your RV has damage to the roof, brakes, wheel bearings, heat and air conditioning, appliances, air filters, and the inside of the vehicle, we have the trained technicians to fix it. These services make traveling with your RV safe and stress-free. Our technicians are trained to repair all aspects of Dutchmen RVs inside and out. We service the area of St. Peter, St Louis, and O’ Fallon. Whether you want to drive your Dutchmen RV across the country or to stay at your favorite campground, we want to keep your vehicle safe and running well.

St. Peters Dutchmen RV Service

Routine Maintenance for your Dutchmen RV near St. Peters, MO

Regular inspection of your RV every year outside and inside is preventative maintenance. We can find the problems and fix them before your travel. Items important to check are the window seals, structural seams, and the LP regulator pressure. We will check your batteries, heating and air conditioning, appliances, generator, and mechanical parts before going on a trip. With winter coming up, we can prepare your RV for winter storage by helping with water and plumbing issues. We can prepare it properly for winter travel. This is essential because water pumps can freeze. Our service department runs frequent specials on winterizing your RV. We have a de-winterization service that prepares your RV for warm weather.

Dutchmen RV Collision Repair near St. Peters, MO

When your RV is damaged from accidents and weather, we repair roofs, fiberglass, and exterior detailing. We can replace and match the paint accurately and even put graphics on the outside when you want repairs or a new look. Our service department has a paint booth that buffs, matches paint, and provides custom paint repairs. Come in for an RV Wash and Shine to make your vehicle look brand new. We run a regular special on this too. Our technicians work on all sized Dutchmen RVs on mechanical, exterior, and interior repairs.

Repairing Structural and Electrical Components of Your Dutchmen RV

Batteries in the Dutchmen RV need to be replaced and wear out. There are batteries in the generator and smoke alarm. The roof can leak, so a regular yearly inspection is good preventative maintenance. We can repair the inside appliances, dry rot, electrical problems, holding tanks, replace the roof, fix the heating and cooling systems, and water heaters. All these elements are important to your RV running well. We check and repair awnings, replace the light that has burned out, replace filters, provide automotive services, test refrigerators, and other appliances.

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Contact us at Travers St. Louis RV for an inspection, interior, or exterior repair on your Dutchmen RV by filling out the online form or calling our service department for an appointment. We service the areas of St. Peters, O’Fallon, and St. Louis.

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