Travel Trailer & RV / Camper Water Heater Service in St. Louis

RV / Camper water heater maintenance is an annual event recommended for all water heaters. The heart of the service includes flushing out antifreeze to reverse winterization, cleaning out any deposit or sediment that has built up since last years’ service, and then replacing any parts with corrosion. Depending upon the style of water heater in your RV / Camper , the anode rod might require replacement if it has corrosion. Some anode rods are made of aluminum that is designed to corrode as a sacrificial element protecting the tank. Most camper trailer and RV / Camper hot water heaters rely on both electricity and LP gas to generate hot water, which has significant implications for the service as this is not a do-it-yourself activity. While it might be possible for a dedicated RV / Camper enthusiast to do the service on their own, we always recommend scheduling RV / Camper Water heater service with trusted professionals that understand your RV / Camper and its service requirements inside and out.

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Water heater service from St. Louis RV Service and Body

Signs that my RV / Camper Water Heater needs Service?

If your water heater is not producing any hot water, then, of course, you need to schedule. If the water heater is not providing hot water as before, then you will also need to schedule service if you would like reliable hot water production.

  • Makes a high-pitched noise
  • Rumbling noise
  • Deposits on the element
  • Water is not as hot as before
  • No hot water at all
  • RV / Camper has been in storage without use for over one year

What happens during an RV / Camper Water Heater Service?

RV / Camper water heater service begins with the service’s objective – restoring the condition, performance, and reliability of the water heater, so it’s ready for another season of recreational fun. We have the expertise, years of experience, and service knowledge of your exact RV / Camper .

Every service begins with an expert RV / Camper professional completing an inspection that precisely assesses the physical condition of the questionable parts at hand. With the physical condition of the water tank being the telltale sign of a problem when it comes to water heater issues, any physical damages to the water tank itself will require repair or replacement as necessary to restore peak performance. However, often the problem is more difficult to identify, and it is for this reason that water heater problems are best addressed by expert RV / Camper technicians like those at Travers St. Louis RV / Camper Service and Body Shop.