Why are RV / Camper / Camper Wheel Bearings so Important?

Wheel bearings are more of a system than a single part; it is a series of steel spheres held in position by metal rings, one on the inside and the other on the outside. The inside ring rests on the axle shaft fitting tightly against the hub. An excellent wheel bearing allows for the wheel to rotate while the axle shaft remains in place. When they work properly your tires and brakes will work efficiently. However, we know from years of RV / Camper / Camper service experience that wheel bearings are often considered ‘out of sight and out of mind’ until there is a problem. Although the best decision is to schedule service regularly before there is a problem, if you already have a noisy wheel, then the best choice is to fix it soon before the consequences get even worse. The ultimate consequence of a defective wheel bearing is a wheel-tire assembly that cannot rotate and an immovable RV / Camper / Camper .

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Noise is the Telltale Symptoms of Wheel Bearing Problems

Although the best way of knowing that there is a problem with your RV / Camper / Camper wheel bearings is with an expert’s inspection, the telltale symptom is noise. If you are currently experiencing any noise in what appears to come from the wheel-tire assembly location, then it is most likely a wheel bearing issue that requires an RV / Camper / Camper wheel bearing Service to correct. At Travers St. Louis RV / Camper / Camper Service & Body, we always recommend expert service when it comes to a problem related to something as important as your wheel bearings.

What’s Included in Replacement Service?

The expert RV / Camper / Camper technicians at Travers St. Louis RV / Camper / Camper Service & Body know exactly how to evaluate wheels and restore them to factory specifications.

The first step is to jack up one side of the RV / Camper / Camper so that the wheel can rotate freely. If when grabbing the wheel the technician notices undesirable play in the wheel, it is the telltale sign that the bearings need to be repacked. However, the next step is to take the bearing apart to verify your RV / Camper / Camper ’s service requirements 100%. Once the bearing is taken apart, the technician will know exactly what to do to restore reliability and safety to your RV / Camper / Camper .

When it comes to faulty wheel bearing performance, it is not a problem to put off until later. Wheel bearings will only get worse over time until they fail. If you notice any signs of defective performance, fixing the problem quickly is a wise decision. Travers St. Louis RV / Camper / Camper Service and Body Shop offers service that will give you what you need to restore your RV / Camper / Camper to factory specifications.