Importance of Preventative and Routine Maintenance for Your Dutchmen Travel Trailer

Whether you are the new owner of a Dutchmen travel trailer or you’ve traveled thousands of miles already in St. Louis and the surrounding cities, one of the most important things you need to do to keep traveling is to keep your Dutchmen serviced and well-maintained. The technicians at Travers St. Louis RV service and Body have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the proper maintenance of your Dutchmen travel trailer. Here are just a few of the services that are necessary to keep your travel trailer in tip-top condition.

Routine Maintenance

The routine maintenance for your Dutchmen typically includes the tasks that are done at Travers St. Louis RV Services and Body at scheduled intervals. The majority of warranties for Dutchmen travel trailers require you to have routine inspections of certain components and systems and report any found defects to the dealer in order to have the warranty work. This means it’s important to routinely schedule inspections of the LP regulator pressure, the window seals and the structural seams within the period of the warranty in order to ensure the warranty is valid.

Preventative Maintenance

Since Dutchmen travel trailers do not have an engine, the majority of the maintenance is preventative instead of routine maintenance. Preventative maintenance is done to identify and fix potential problems before they happen. Some of the most common types of preventative maintenance tasks for travel trailer owners in O’Fallen include:

  • Check the water level in batteries
  • Test the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Check the brakes and do necessary repair
  • Grease the wheel bearings
  • Check and replace burned-out lights on RV
  • Clean or replace air conditioner filter
  • Test the refrigerator in the propane and the A/C mode
  • Inspect generator engine and replace the filter
  • Inspect the condition of the awning fabric

Two Important Services Not to Overlook

There two types of maintenance that are so important they fall under both the routine and preventative categories; the roof and the batteries. The roof of a travel trailer is often overlooked, especially when it comes to preventative maintenance, but it can be costly to replace or repair, so it’s essential that you schedule routine inspections to avoid damage.

Dutchmen RV Service At Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body

Your technician at Travers St. Louis RV Service and Body in O’Fallon can inspect the roof of your Dutchmen and make the required repairs and recommend preventative steps to avoid the risk of future damage. The batteries used in your Dutchmen, whether it is for the generator or the smoke alarms are essential for comfortable and safe travels. Routine battery maintenance can help prevent aggravating problems, such as the appliances not working. Your technician in St. Louis will inspect the batteries to ensure they are clean, the fluid levels are correct and that the battery holds a full charge.