RV / Camper / Camper & Trailer Leveling Jacks Service in O’Fallon, MO

At Travers St. Louis RV / Camper / Camper Service & Body, we are the St. Louis region’s trusted recreational vehicle professionals. We have a world-class service center ready to help you maintain, repair, or replace faulty leveling jacks no matter what their style and mechanics. 

We routinely service hydraulic leveling systems, trailer jacks, electric tongue jacks, power gear leveling systems, manual leveling jacks, and power gear leveling systems. Rest assured that if you have a travel trailer or RV / Camper / Camper with a leveling problem, we are the service provider with the ability to extend high-quality service at an unrivaled value. Our service and body center is conveniently located in O’Fallon within the driving range for the majority of St. Louis residents.   

RV & Trailer Leveling Jacks Service

Keeping Your RV / Camper / Camper or Travel Trailer Level

Leveling is vital for several reasons. First, have you ever slept in a motorhome that is not level? It’s not only uncomfortable and feels weird, but it’s also very annoying. We also know from years of RV / Camper / Camper experience that a level motorhome is needed for supporting optimum appliance performance. The refrigerator and other appliances in your RV / Camper / Camper can experience hindered performance when unlevel. If you notice that the jacks aren’t functioning properly or if they don’t work at all, give us a call or contact us online!

Fixing Your RV / Camper / Camper ’s Leveling Jacks

There but it’s also a wide variety of RV / Camper / Camper and trailer leveling jacks with mechanical, hydraulic, and electric designs. Our highly skilled service technicians have extensive training and direct experience maintaining every kind of leveling jack. We begin leveling jacks service with an inspection that serves at the staging point of problem identification and repair formulation. 


One of our technicians will inspect the problematic jacks and isolates the cause. The results of the inspection guide what happens next in terms of the maintenance, repair, or replacement. Rest assured that we will provide you with a precise inspection and recommend the minimum service necessary to restore reliable performance to each of the leveling jacks.  

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