RV Service near Hazelwood, MO 

We can meet all of your RV’s routine maintenance and repair needs. We offer a full menu of routine maintenance to keep your RV operating at its best for longer. We can also provide any repairs that it needs for the long journey. The short drive from Hazelwood, MO to receive high-quality one-stop service is a profitable investment in getting the best performance out of your RV for as long as possible. Schedule your service online or give us a call today for your appointment at Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body in O’fallon, MO. 

Hazelwood, MO RV Service

Routine RV Maintenance & Service  

We offer a full menu of routine maintenance services perfect for RVs near Hazelwood, MO to secure us as their one-stop service provider. We are experts in all RV brands and provide everything that an RV needs to get the best performance and safety for as long as possible. The short drive from Hazelwood, MO to our state-of-the-art service department in O’fallon gives you the highest quality maintenance services completed with a fast turnaround.

Oil Changes

We offer quality oil changes with a fast turnaround. Our services include conventional and synthetic oil changes for gasoline and diesel engines. 

Roof Cleaning, Conditioning & Spot Sealing 

This service intends to keep the roof clean and conditioned with the outside elements staying outside. We can fix minor leaks if we find a spot that needs resealing. Keeping a roof cleaned and conditioned is the best way to prevent roof damages allowing water to leak inside.   


We prepare RVs for the off-season cold storage with winterization maintenance and then prepare RVs for hot weather recreation with de-winterization service.   

Wheel Alignment 

Few services are as important for your tires and safety as wheel alignments. It is time for a front-end alignment if your RV pulls toward the side or has rapid wear on the front tires. 


We know RV brakes inside and out. We offer a full menu of routine brake services including inspection, pad replacement, fluid exchange, and rotor maintenance. 

RV General Repairs at Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body 

We can fix anything that goes wrong and needs to be repaired. Our expert technicians have experience repairing all RV brands. We complete repairs within a state-of-the-art facility with the newest equipment according to factory specifications with genuine OEM parts. Schedule your next tire rotation today!

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