Custom Boat Bodywork in St. Louis

Have you been thinking about how to make your boat stand out when boating on Tablerock Lake? We provide customer boat bodywork at Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body!

Boat Bodywork

Now Offering Custom Boat Bodywork at Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body

We have expanded operations at Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body and this expansion might yield significance for you and your boat: we provide the same auto body service quality as before, but now offer custom bodywork for boats, motorcycles, and tractor-trailers. We know that by applying our RV bodywork service features to boats like yours that we can deliver the same quality results when performing custom bodywork for your boat that takes it to the next level of personalized value.

Why Customize My Boat?

Boat models leave the assembly looking exactly the same. When you visit Lake Tablerock, do you want every boat model like yours looking exactly like your boat? It’s like running into a coworker with the same exact shirt. We think not at Travers St. Louis RV Service & Body because we know that you selected your boat for something special – it needs to look special doing it! We can assist with your boat’s custom bodywork to set it apart from average. Customizing your boat is about making its appearance to be an extension of you. Why not allow us to help you take your boat’s appearance to the next level of customization with custom bodywork and paint in St. Louis?

Custom Boat Bodywork

We employ certified auto body technicians ready to provide your boat with custom bodywork. We begin with a design process whereby we collaborate with you about the perfect look that you seek. Our bodywork technician will then fabricate what’s needed to create your boat’s custom body. Custom paint is an excellent partner to a boat’s custom body. Another reason for new boat paint is the variety of custom paint finishes ready to make your boat look as sharp as ever. From sparkling flames to gold shimmers in the paint, we have the tools and techniques perfect for bringing your creative ideas to life. We proudly serve the surrounding area including St. Peters.

Custom Boat Paint

Our customers choose customized paint service when they are bored with the basic look of their boat. We can easily take your boat’s paint to the next level of personalization with customized paint service. We can leave the design up to you or assist with the perfect custom design.

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